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Saturday, January 14, 2006
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Your imaginative abilities can create something truly epic, if only you can keep yourself centred in reality and restrain yourself enough to work practically until your vision is realised. Selfish endeavours are not appealing to you and you would rather devote your time to something that will be beneficial on a grand scale; this will give you a sense of purpose.

Climbing the social or corporate ladder may not be for you as you do not possess the qualities competitive, confrontational qualities that often drive others to the top. There is also a habit of deeming yourself either far more capable than you are, or undervaluing yourself. Deceit and delusion are themes in your life, whether they come from other people, or from your own insecurities. People may try to take advantage of your helpful and caring nature, so be mindful that you do not fall prey to every John that tells you a sad tale.

Keep in mind that although it would be amazing if you could protect the world from evil all on your own, it is highly unlikely; you can, however, look out for yourself, which will take a lot of effort as it is. You tend to become overly dependent in your romantic involvements or your partner may be overly dependent on you, and there is a likelihood of either sacrificing too much of yourself to somehow save them or to go the other extreme and act as though they are victimising you.

However, it is imperative that you comprehend that when a partnership is not equal, it is not a partnership at all and will not succeed in the end. This placement can intensify abrasive, sensory, rash, irritable, demanding, and indulgent traits as well as verbal and physical dramaticism. You often follow whichever path your desires steer you towards. Spirituality for you may either go towards being very devoted to your religion, or the exact opposite route, Atheism.

However, you seem to embody a bit of a chaotic nature and must learn self-restraint. You are gifted but are not confident in your capabilities and question whether you are worthy. Your insecurities are masking reality and you need to start believing in yourself. Your lesson is to overcome whatever is keeping you from developing the self-confidence you need to succeed in the areas that you are most talented.

Try not to let failing at something deter you from trying again; everyone makes mistakes and this does not make you any less worthy or capable. Keep Trying. When you are feeling insecure, you will start blaming others for your mistakes until you believe the lies yourself. However, what is true never stays hidden for long and in the end when it comes out, you will experience depression; best to be upfront.

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You should look at each failed attempt as a way to learn and grow, to become stronger and more capable in the future. Your disappointments will aid you in developing self-discipline and a higher spirituality, as will displaying selfless acts of kindness towards others. Use caution with others as they may not be the person they project themselves as.

It is possible that hidden adversaries from a previous life will turn up in this one to administer the karma you deserve. Though you may be tempted, try to keep from participating in unwholesome mystical practices, calling on dark spirits, and similar endeavours. Deep down you feel a strong pull towards being completely genuine and truthful towards other people and your own self. Try to pace yourself and start to do one thing at time. It is not always easy to share living quarters with you as you often lack patience, become easily agitated with others, and behave in a grouchy manner.

A bit like a spoiled child, if you do not get your way, you show your displeasure with fits of rebellious resistance. It would be beneficial for you to keep physically active and disperse the enormous amount of restlessness within you. You are naturally assertive and spirited, easily fighting for the things that you believe in or for others that are being taken advantage of. However, you must develop self-restraint if you are to reach your full potential. Competition spurs you on and you are driven to beat out all others in the game of your choosing or even just in general.

Sometimes attracting with honey is far more conducive to accomplishing your goals than using brute force; be more diplomatic when interacting with people. You work diligently, bravely, and energetically. Try to be more lenient on yourself and others when something goes array as no one is perfect, not even you.

Sometimes you have built up such a name for yourself that you do a complete turn-around and laze about, expecting your previous work will tide you over. Your anger may be explosive at times, especially when you are wounded on an emotional level, and you must find a way to restrain yourself. Try to think through your feelings before they take over. Your general lack of patience and constant rushing about makes you susceptible to accidental injuries, particularly involving heat or sharp objects. You can be reckless because you do not plan your actions ahead.

You have a negative reaction to any sort of perceived restriction on you and can be a bit of a rule-breaker. As a leader, it is imperative that you curb your dominance or you will be seen as a tyrannical dictator rather than a leader. Vengeful thoughts are not healthy for you and you need to release your anger towards others for their offenses. It is likely that you will be wasteful with your financial resources and can be prone to dishonesty. You have many interesting ambitions and are rather unusual yourself.

People often perceive you as advanced in your thinking. Others enjoy your pleasant demeanour as you tend to keep positive and have a hearty sense of humour. Mentally you are innovative and unique, portraying an open-minded, accepting, kind, charitable character. You may be interested in mystical studies or scientific endeavours. Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, you are friendly, outgoing, welcoming, caring, and tender. You are not greedy with what belongs to you, rather you share readily when need be.

Learning and experiencing new things is important to you, therefore you surround yourself with eccentric individuals that will often teach you what you would have never encountered otherwise. Curiosity keeps you asking about the ins and outs of everything you come across, producing many fresh concepts for you to dissect. It is unlikely that you will stay in one place for very long as you prefer to be discovering new places instead of settling into them. You despise doing the same monotonous duties day in and day out and you require variety in your life; being obligated to perform these sorts of tasks can have a negative impact on you.

It is pertinent that you are free of restrictions as commitments tend to scare you; you are uncertain if you will be able to abide by them and do not wish to let others down, so you usually steer clear. You may inherit finances in unusual and spontaneous ways. There is a positive past life karma that signifies you will be blessed spiritually and watched over.

Let your intuition guide you in assisting others. People may find you egotistical and self-absorbed. The key to attracting others is to practice being humble instead. You have an instinctual knowledge of what needs to be done and how to go about it, however you can often be unaware of the amount of sacrifice you may be requiring from other people or what they may require. You may arrogantly go about behaving as though you can do no wrong, and this causes tension for others when they pick up on this aura; no one is infallible.

Keep yourself open to what other people bring to the table; show them that their ideas are welcome. Use your ability to lead others to their benefit rather than for your own self-indulgent needs. Confident and driven, you have a tremendous amount of self-discipline and will do whatever it takes to succeed. You are aware of what it is that you wish to accomplish and the best way to go about it. Often the one leading a group, others rely on you to pave the path.

You are opinionated and direct in communicating your viewpoints, always ready to fight for the things you value. When you see a way to improve something, you work hard towards reconstruction. You have the will-power, the perseverance, and the dedication to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

At times, you may become so focused on your work that you continue forward even when you are completely exhausted; tunnel-vision is likely when you have taken on a project. This tendency is detrimental to your physical health and you must find a way to pace yourself and make time for relaxation. You have a strong character though you keep this low-key as you choose to keep out of the limelight.

Preferring to be in the decision maker, you are often the one taking the lead in social situations and dislike anyone else trying to govern your life. However, it would do you well to develop tolerance for the way others do things and learn to be part of the team rather than acting director. Mystery appeals to you and you enjoy delving into the depths to discover all things hidden. If you channel your energies correctly, you may have an ability to heal others.

Investigation comes naturally to you and you access individuals and circumstances effectively and correctly; not much gets passed your keen observation. Shallow interactions are of no interest to you and you prefer deeper, more meaningful ways to use your time. Verbal conflict and confrontation are not enjoyable to you though you will engage in them when you feel they are required. You are well able to keep yourself from projecting angry feelings outwardly, though when you happen to allow them to seep out, your emotions will burst forward intensely and others may need to stay out of your way until you cool down.

A confidant demeanour draws good fortune to you. You strive to grow in wisdom, using philosophical interest to guide you. This placement bestows protection, though it may not come until right in the nick of time. You are energetic, excitable, sociable, cheerful, and lucky. You are likely to acquire monetary comforts with this placement. You dream big, though do not need to fight hard to make your dreams a reality. You tend to be giving, warm, dependable, genuine, truthful, and full of idealism. Your moral values are particularly strong and you believe in being fair and acting honourably.

Petty displays are not abided by and you would never disgrace yourself enough to reach that kind of low. You attempt to develop self-discipline and awareness through spiritual means, particularly religion or philosophical studies. Past life karma is strong for you and favours you in many ways due to your caring, generous deeds towards others in a previous life. Change is a large theme in your life and is there to help you develop and grow. You have excellent self-restraint and dedication during trying periods. Intuitively you are aware that these periods will not go on forever and that if you just allow things to flow where they may, in time the situation will improve naturally.

You may be involved with the public somehow as your drive seems to seek this situation out; you feel that somehow this is position is fated. Emotionally you are able to restrict your feelings as well as mentally guide your thinking so as to not become wrapped up in overly intense displays. Others look to you as a leader for you are controlled, disciplined, truthful, sensible, and dependable, with a good head on your shoulders.

There is an innate understanding that you must work hard for the merits you attain and this allows you to display a good deal of patience when rising in achievement. It may be important for you to take time for yourself to recover your energies, as you can sometimes feel communication with others is puzzling or frightening somehow. Traditional education methods may not suit you; you prefer to be able to absorb knowledge and wisdom through experience. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage?

The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Pisceans are sensitive, kind, caring, unobtrusive, amiable, flexible, prophetic, private, mysterious, and altruistic with excellent intuition and a bend towards idealism learn about compatibility with Pisces here. However, when afflicted they are capable of being overly-emotional, fickle, gullible weaklings who wallow in their own despair and cannot make a decision.

Aiding others helps them achieve balance within. In regards to love, Pisceans care about the little things and can be rather romantic. They may place their partner on a pedestal, requiring their significant other to exhibit the traits that the Piscean has attributed to them and are often left wounded when their partner inevitably fails them. Disenchantment sets in when the Piscean learns that the partner was not necessarily who they originally thought they were. Similar to the image used to represent Pisces, the Piscean soul is pulled in opposing ways.

This constant struggle can wreak havoc for a Piscean internally as they are never quite sure which path is the correct one to take, forcing them to listen solely to their gut instincts. However, dealing with the internal chaos can cause so much tension for them that they turn to escapism via over-eating, substance abuse, or other indulgences. One part of the Piscean spirit drags them into the depths of despair while the other one is always striving to purify the soul, lifting the Piscean through the dirt by self-discipline, and allowing them to obtain a great deal of wisdom from their suffering.

Pisceans must be mindful of the environment in which they surround themselves as they absorb energy without meaning to. A negative environment will have a devastating impact on them and should be avoided as much as possible. If they are able to keep the vibes around them positive, they can focus their inner talent for creativity in beneficial ways. A Piscean may be so highly attuned to what is going on around them that they will pick up on sensations and observations that most are blind to. Pisceans may at times seem to be set on a goal, but by nature they are not very sure of themselves and their determination may quickly falter if pressed.

A strong drive to achieve is not usually part of their makeup and they require a good deal of support and encouragement. Deciphering the array of complex emotions they possess is important to them. They can be very insecure, doubting their decisions at every turn; it is imperative that they develop confidence in their own capabilities. Pisceans can be very giving of themselves and aiding others in some way helps them to stay positive.

They are highly emotional people and when they are able to channel this energy to benefit others, they feel rejuvenated. Peaceful and sensitive, Piscean tend to avoid confrontations even when they are necessary. This unfortunately leads them to be part of sticky situations that they have a difficult time escaping from.

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No is not a word that is easy for a Pisces to say, instead they remain in negative situations believing that if they reform somehow, all will work itself out again. They are apt to play the victim or the hero, depending on the circumstances, in order to remedy a hardship. Pisceans will usually give more weight to their heart than they would their brain when making decisions, and this can be easily manipulated by those who may not have their best interests in mind; they may empathise too readily when being told a sad tale.

Their intentions are honourable, though it would be best for them to develop their rational sensibilities and learn to keep a more level head in these matters. Pisceans can be rather private, though they are able to make social connections easily and remain faithful to them. Though they are not aggressive types, they will come to the defence of those they care about when necessary, in their own way. A Piscean can have trouble igniting that driving force that others may have more readily available to them. This does not mean that Pisces are all lazy folk; however they do often spend more time procrastinating than actually doing what they are supposed to.

Having a bit of time to themselves each day to regroup can actually motivate them to achieve more. Pisceans intuitively sense what they can and cannot do. Regrettably, this innate understanding may keep them from trying something they feel they will unable to accomplish. The Fish can easily sink into despair over a negative comment from another, even if this comment was spoken with good intentions.

At times the sensitive emotions of the Piscean will project slights where there were none. Pisceans often attempt to explain their behaviours as they are seeking true understanding from others. Unfortunately, due to their inability to handle confrontations, they will seem as though they are not being truthful while they twist words around trying to elicit an understanding of their true intentions. When they do something wrong, they would rather find a way to express their good intentions then to admit fault, even if this means being somewhat dishonest.

You are warm, considerate, amiable, positive, balanced, and socially pleasing. You are a wonderful companion to your mates and are gifted at making others feel cared for and at ease.

Adze daily horoscope

While you are quite the people person, you are also very logical and rational, with good decision-making abilities, if only you could make up your mind. You enjoy artistic pursuits, especially that which may incorporate music; you may be interested in working as an entertainer. Social relationships are a necessity for you and you abhor any sort of conflict, especially emotionally.

What you long for is harmonious interactions where you feel things are evenly balanced. You dislike manual labour and prefer to stick to white-collar professions. At times you may sacrifice things that are important to you just to keep the harmony or you may become elusive, where others cannot seem to get an answer from you one way or another; indecision can become a major problem for you. Inwardly you may be at war with yourself although you do not let others see this. Coming to a conclusion about something is challenging because you easily comprehend the different angles of each situation and wish to be just to each consideration.

Be sure that you uphold your own values. You tend to speak your mind and like others to be clear about where you stand on an issue. There is a tendency towards being argumentative or competitive with others verbally, as you have a very innovative and active mind, at times perhaps too active. You express yourself in a direct fashion and never hold back. You enjoy sharing your viewpoints and will do so even when others may not necessarily wish to hear them. You may find yourself rebelling just for the sake of providing a different opinion, and you tend to deliver these opinions too bluntly; try to foster a more diplomatic approach.

There is a lot of tension and anxiousness in your mental makeup, and it may be difficult for you to relax. You prefer being always on the go, particularly if you are able to engage yourself physically. You may have a skill in technical endeavours. Often times you do not think through the things you say and regret them immediately afterwards.

You may need to develop greater focus and patience when engrossed in your projects. You tend to be well-liked by others due to your quick wit and engaging character. You detest others trying to control your actions in any way and require independence to follow whatever path YOU choose to. Your anger can flare up suddenly and intensely, though as soon as the blast is over you will quickly forget that anything was the matter in the first place.

Hardly ever bored, instead you have the opposite problem where there is always more to do than you can ever have enough time for. Venus naturally craves partnerships, socialising, warmth, and love, while Aries is direct, commanding, and a strong leader. These two combined will bestow you with a tendency towards pursuing your relationships with great fervour.

Your emotions are quickly ignited and you enthusiastically take charge in social situations and romantic endeavours. You decide what you want and you go get it. However, be mindful not to pursue interests only for the sake of pursuing them and not because you truly desire them; you often discard the object of your desire once the chase has ended and you have completed your conquest. Therefore, it is likely that your romantic affairs begin in an intense burst of exhilaration and passion, only to temper off into a pale remnant of what they once were.

You will always find new pursuits to master, and you will chase them as if going into battle; nothing will dissuade you. The most negative trait that Venus possesses is the tendency towards people pleasing and becoming overly accommodating for the sake of harmony. Therefore you may find that with this aspect you seek out partners that will insist you accommodate their needs and wishes, forcing you to put your own aside. An Aries Venus placement insists that you are a leader, though do not control, that you are accommodating, though not a doormat.

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You are self-sufficient and have a spontaneous style towards romantic involvements. You enjoy competition and may become quarrelsome only for the sake of having a short-lived thrill. You may need to be mindful of the consequences your actions have on others and develop consideration for their needs, instead of always looking out for yourself. Try also to cultivate patience, as your tendency towards haste can become a major obstacle for you.

You are assertive, spontaneous, and always ready to start on a ground-breaking new adventure. Go get ur love. You think is this my choice? Before how I was living. And now how? No money no life. You trow me from up to down thank you. I donot want here any more. What did you give me? Suffering mentality and financially! Dear oracle I think your astrologer is crazy and playing with our life. How we can live in this situation. You are telling adore your love but my love are far way from me and keep us far and now you keep me with minimum.

Facilities here. Pashmak, the Astrologer of this site is not controlling your life or any events in your life. Please seek and get the help you need. Dear oracle Thanks for your daily advise but not any more is matching with my situation. I feel discussing. We was suppose to see a movie on black friday but he decided buying a phone was more important than seeing me.

Is he special?? I already have my boyfren from the last couple of years n there were many ups n dwns in our relationship n I was not finding ne excitement or that feeling actually was just feeling something is missing between us. While breaking up he told me that he really luves me but he cant b with me n if there is ne next life I want u completely as mine. I dont know wat he wanted to say just I want to knw that is there ne possibility that he will come back in my life please help me out I m really in dipression.

My boyfriend and i just broke up. Theres no reason why he wnt speak to me or answer my msgs. This is second time in 3 months. We r apart 4 weeks now with no contact. I love him very much but he is so up and down. He is an sries star sign. Im just confused and wud like to no why he promised me the earth thrn left with out a reason. The day he lrft he told me he loved me in the morning by night time he walked out. Merry Christmas Oracle! I like your website and its my favorite page to visit everyday.

Today's Readings for You

Thank you! Your website is not updadays for almost 2 days. Hope you are OK! Happy holidays and a wonderful fulfilling new year! Will my marriage be arrange or love? Also wanted to know why is it getting delayed? I love my capricorn men with all my heart. I want to marrie him because of all the love I have for him n the other way around.

Am a Taurus an I know he is my soul mate. We been to really serious up an downs but we are still standing by each others side. Do you see marriage coming our way? An do you see this serrious issues going away? Am scare to loose him over this problems. Make this weding something pleasent for you, the bride. If you stayed 14 years without living together???!!! What other serious option you have? If you will not get married, you will still wonder for the next 14 years.

By the way: it is real strange what had happend to you. I would love this to turned to a normal and happy realtion. But lot of WORK is in the fron of you. Dear Mary, If your man asked you to marry him, do it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting.

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