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Birthday Horoscope December 24th

True to their word. Their life is full of eager effort, although capricious, inconsistent and changing. Not very eager to enter marriage. They will be most successful in a profession that requires slow, careful and prudent work, like building, agriculture, etc. What threatens them?

Dangers caused by their own friends and failures in life. Their protectors are less than solid, and the final results of their work and effort can be minimal. Their organism is quite strong, with their vitality growing stronger with age, just like their health.

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Illnesses are usually caused by their melancholic tendencies and depression that often overcomes them. They should try to fight off their melancholic tendencies and disperse the depression they fall victim to by all means, as it seriously affects both their life and career.

How to raise a child born on this day?

They are very sensitive and easily influenced by the environment. So they should be guarded from the company of harsh and vulgar people, as they can easily adapt such models of behavior. But seriously, if anyone can do it, it's this cusp.

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Known for their uncanny ability to sense what is needed — and to be the one to deliver it — the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp isn't called the Cusp of Prophecy for nothing. Optimism meets practicality in this ambitious and trustworthy section of the zodiac, and the proclivity to err on the side of silence over bluster makes this cusp wise beyond measure. If you're the kind of person who forgets to pack the right gear for the camping trip, be sure to invite a Sagittarius - Capricorn. Though their preparation rituals might err on the side of nerdy, their meticulous personality and knack for thorough preparation makes for the perfect travel companion.

December 24 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

In a relationship, the Sagittarius-Capricorn is almost a perfect partner: loyal, understanding, dependable. Of course, everyone has a shadow side, and this Jupiter and Saturn-ruled cusp often suffers from an intense desire to control their surroundings. Meanwhile, what they need to control is their behavioral response to their own emotions.