Horoscope december 21

The winter solstice is here!
  1. Weekly horoscope December 21 – 27
  2. Sun enters Scorpio
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Mercury meets Jupiter at PM, bringing a dash of luck and opening up lines of communication. The sun enters Capricorn at PM—get ready to work hard and have a devilishly good time!

Weekly horoscope December 21 – 27

Happy solstice, Capricorn—the sun enters your sign early this evening, reinvigorating your spirit! Your intuition is especially sharp today, and a wonderful energy flows in your social life. The moon in Gemini finds you in a fun mood today, and plenty of exciting connections are had in your social life—creativity is flowing! The sun enters Capricorn early this evening, boosting your intuitive abilities.

Sun enters Scorpio

Lovely Venus connects with your ruling planet Neptune today, creating a whimsical and romantic energy. An exciting new beginning in your career has also arrived! Capricorn season is here, encouraging you to connect with friends. The sun enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, encouraging you to look at the big picture. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter, opening up lines of communication in your relationships.

A big boost in creativity comes to your work today, too. The sun enters Capricorn early this evening, and you're contemplating deep, important questions.

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The winter solstice is here and a festive spirit is in the air! The sun enters Capricorn early this evening, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. As the sun enters a new sign early this evening—earthy, grounded, industrious Capricorn—the energy shifts, and you find yourself in a more focused mood.

Birthday Horoscope December 21st

Add to this your normal tendency to stubbornness and bullheadedness, and you can have yourself a very tragic situation indeed. It is no surprise that in a lot of organizations, it is the most courageous people who are often left behind. When it comes to love and relationships , people born on December 21st are individualistic, but passionate.

It is in their nature to not show their affection to their lovers, even if they do really care for them.

December 21st Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Sagittarius - Part 2

To make a person born on this day fall in love with you, you should be able to share the same interests with them. People born on December 21st are observant and methodical. A career in software development or technical writing is well suited for people born on this day.

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People born on this day are objective and observant individuals. They are very keen on details and like to keep a record of everything for safekeeping. They are also goal-oriented team players. People born on December 21st are highly sociable people. They do well in almost any social setting.

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People born on December 21st have the tendency to be complacent. This is because they are highly confident about the skills that they have. You need to know when to call it quits.

Personality and character

You need to know when to draw the line as far as your focus, effort, and energy are concerned. There are certain things that you can be involved with only up to a certain extent. Unfortunately, being indiscriminate as far as your commitments are concerned can be a one-way ticket to cynicism and disappointment. Make sure you pick the right principles to champion.

It is also the element that influences people to be radiant and have energy that seem to grow with exuberance and warmth.

December 21 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality | yveriribop.tk

Jupiter is the fifth planet away from the sun. It is also the largest planet in the solar system. This celestial body is said to govern power and passion. People who are influenced with this color are usually strong willed and are vigorous individuals. Unfortunately though, astrologically speaking, some of us get a little more of this energy to enjoy than others. These people mean no harm in their sometimes brutal honesty — they just earnestly speak their mind.