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Montjuic: One of the hills with the best city and sea view..

Your Horoscope Analysis Is Waiting!

Placa del Sol in Gracia: Both the square and the bars around it are full of locals having their drinks, making music and enjoying the Spanish soul.. Another square more into the center is Placa Reial.. You may have a joyful night hanging out in the square or at Ocana, my favourite bar located in the square..

You should have a tasty dinner or a drink while listening to the street musicians.. My special suggestions for food :. Maka Maka: Delicious burgers near the seaside.. Actually not just the burgers, the parmesan french fries and cocktails are also worth trying.. You may even go there for a snack after the beach time.

Great atmosphere all day long.. My favorite tapas spot: Paco Meralgo.. Kaiku or Cal Pinxo: If you really want to taste the typical Spanish dish Paella, you should prefer one of these places.. Vioko and Gocce di Latte: If you are an ice cream lover like me, both of these places are awesome..

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My favorite chain.. Very cool and chic. Blog Menu. The most stylish, historical and beautiful two neighbourhoods: Gothic and El Born they are so close that you can even walk from one to another Gracia: Very popular neighbourhood between hipsters, there are very nice restaurants, pubs and boutiques full of Barcelona spirit..

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New Remedy for Career, Romance and Love in Vedic Astrology

As simple as that! Remedies is one of the most important parts of Vedic Astrology. For every problem, there is a solution. When done with utmost faith the remedies and rituals help us change from within. The planets do not expect us to do the remedies, the Gods do not expect our prayers, We need them. We do it for our own benefit.

Remedies bring a shift in our consciousness and this strengthens the positive vibrations of the benefic planets and reduces the negative impact of malefic planets. Find your 10th house lord and chant the personalized mantra of that planet based on nakshatra pada number. The 10th house is the house of career, a successful career depends on the strength of the 10th house and its ruler. To find your personalized mantra get your free report. Help other people with their Job-related problems.

Help people succeed in their career. This goes a long way in ensuring your own success. Use the align27 app to find your Golden moment and do important activities during that time. Picking the right time to do important things is one of the best remedies as prevention is always better than cure. There are certain moments in a day where every single dosha or blemish is destroyed. It depends on various factors and on the align27 app we have calculated this for you based on your own chart.

Take at least 10 minutes minimum to complete this process. You will begin to see improvements in less than 10 days. This remedy was suggested originally by Dr.

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Santhip Kanholy and it has worked miraculously for people who tried it with utmost faith and sincerity. Every nakshatra or constellation is connected with an animal and drawing or tracing or coloring the animal invokes the energy of that constellation which is required to bring the desired success. Worship Lord Ganesha before you begin anything so you can cruise over all your obstacles.

Every Nakshatra has a form of Ganesha associated with it.

House in Vedic Astrology

Find the nakshatra of your 10th house lord and then find the form of Ganesha associated with that nakshatra. You can chant the mantra of that Ganesha times every day or on days when you are doing important activities related to your job. To find your personalized Ganesha mantra get your free report. Every zodiac sign Rashi is associated with an aspect of Lord Shiva.

Navamsa nakshatra krs

Find the sign Rashi of your 10th house and chant the mantra of Lord Shiva associated with that Rashi. You can do this times on mondays or when the moon transits Ardra nakshatra. To find your personalized Shiva mantra get your free report. It is the nakshatra that is just behind your janma nakshatra. For example for Ardra nakshatra the 27th nakshatra is Mrigashira. You can also use the items for abhishekam based on the tattva of the sign lord. To find out when you have to do the Abhishekam download the align27 app and in the rituals section, you will be able to see it.

Every zodiac sign Rashi is associated with an aspect of Lord Vishnu.