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Today, a numerologist and my sister! Numerology is an age-old way of understanding people and the world around us. There are many forms of numerology. From Babylonia, we have Chaldean numerology, from China we have Chinese numerology dating back to 4, years ago, and Pythagorean numerology yes, the great contributor to geometry , dating back to the 6 th century B. Energy is all around us. Numerology is the belief that all numbers carry a vibration, and the energy behind each number carries personality traits, strengths, and difficulties. You can consider each number as having a personality or essence and depending on where it resides in your chart, and how it gets along with other numbers in different areas of your chart…it can facilitate growth and enlightenment, or it can present lessons that we need to learn.

Your personal day is a combination of how your month and day of birth are influenced by the current month, day and year. Each number has a corresponding color that will energize the vibration of your personal day. This is done by adding your day of birth and month of your birth to the current year.

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Then reduce that number to a single digit. For example: If you were born on April 8, add the numerical value of the month 4 , the day of your birth 8 to the current year Your personal year would be 3. Next find your personal month. This is found by adding the current month to your personal year number. The current month is April with a numerical value of 4.

Your personal month would be 7. Lastly, find your personal day number. Simply add the current day, to your personal month number. Personal day is 4. On this day you should start a new project, as this can be the perfect day for ideas about new businesses or creative endeavors. This is also a great day to make decisive decisions and show your leadership skills.

You might make mistakes, but that is how you learn, and those lessons will serve you and help you to instruct others in the future. Balance is a theme for you this year. With all of the changes and excitement from the previous year, now is the time to restore your body, mind and spirit.

Your home and family will take center stage, so you want to make sure your surroundings are harmonious and serene. Pay particular attention to the energy of your space, including the colors and sounds. Make any changes to your environment that help you feel peaceful and relaxed. Perhaps you want to beautify your personal image as well, such as investing in a new wardrobe or different hairstyle that helps you feel more attractive. If you have any health concerns, look for treatments that integrate emotional healing as well as physical.

Yoga or dance would be an ideal activity for you to help you maintain balance between your body and mind.

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You might have extra responsibilities this year, particularly in your family, so make sure you take time to yourself and put your needs first. By taking care of yourself fully, you can better help others. You will enjoy spending more time with all of your loved ones this year, including children and pets.

Numerology Birth Date and Lucky Years or personal years - आपकी जन्म तारीख व आपके भाग्यशाली साल,

This is an ideal period to attract a romantic partner if you have not met one yet. If you are already in a relationship, you can add more romance by taking time to have fun together instead focusing on your responsibilities. Focus on love and harmony this year and you cannot go wrong. This is a year of victory where you can acquire spiritual mastery by learning to control your lower instincts and emotions. Take a break from the pressures of your daily activities to still your mind and restore your spirit. Reflect on what is meaningful to you and serves your purpose. If you can find time in nature, it will nourish every part of you, particularly if you retreat near the ocean.

You might find you want to relocate closer to nature or live in a more serene environment, or at least go on a vacation. If you do not have a daily meditation practice, you might consider taking one up. This is an ideal time to engage in any spiritual activity or group where you can learn more about your chosen faith with others. Any course of study or research will prove worthwhile provided your heart is in it, and you are not doing it out of obligation.

Is my Personal Day an 11 or a 2?

If you are a writer, this can be the year to create your best work yet! No matter what you engage in this year, you want to keep your mind focused on what you want, rather than let your emotions get the better of you. At times, you might feel that your emotions or outward circumstances are tearing you in two directions, leaving you angry or confused.

Personal Day Number Meanings

This is an opportunity for you to gain dominion over your mind, so that you feel in control of your life, rather than feeling that circumstances in your life occur at random. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a deep breath and stay in the moment. Stay focused on the big picture, and ask yourself if you have been making choices based on your personal truth, or if you have allowed others opinions to dominate your decision. As you learn to stay centered amidst change, you will learn to deeply trust yourself and the process of your life. These are valuable skills that will carry you forward for the rest of your journey.

Now is a time to prosper! After all your hard work, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. After the reflective introspection of last year, now is the time to act! And act big! What are your passions?

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  6. Pay attention to those inner stirrings within you that make you feel excited and motivate you. Follow your bliss. You might find yourself wanting to do more, be more, experience more. This is good! What are some of those things that make you happy that you have been putting off? Live your life to the fullest!

    Pursue your dreams by taking some risks. If you feel stifled in any way it is because you have been limiting your idea of who you are. You can own your power and leadership abilities more fully now, and that includes your ability to receive more financial abundance. You might find yourself challenged this year, as more is required of you, but that is only so you can experience your potential more fully. If you find yourself in power plays at work or in your relationships, it is to remind you that it is OK to be powerful, and not to be afraid to assert yourself.

    What is it that you want? Now go for it! And have fun reaping the rewards! You are on the final year of a 9 year cycle. A lot has been learned along the way, so take stock of all of your lessons because you will be passing this wisdom to others. You might find that others are drawn to you for advice or teaching this year.

    Trust that you have what it takes to guide them. You might be reflecting quite a bit on the past now, but this is only so you learn from it and move on. Make sure you are not holding on to the past. Let go of what no longer serves you.

    Numerology Personal Day Numbers

    Your main concern should be about your familial and domestic matters. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! It is the number that brings balance to our lives, you will feel a need to seek out and create harmony every possible way. This is a good time when you should look for the happiness of your family and friends.

    This is an auspicious time to buy a house , spend time with family and friends. Test Now! There is a tendency to lose your calm and feel disturbed on this personal day 7. You should try to avoid conflicts and maintain a calm and composed demeanor throughout.

    Make extra effort to stay calm and composed throughout the day. There is a tendency to get upset, confused and frustrated soon. You should avoid it. This is a day to take some important professional decisions in life. Business and financial decisions taken in this day would reap good results.

    8 june personal day numerology

    This is the day when you will be successful in whatever you do. You are able to make quick decisions since you are full of positive energies on this day. Personal Day Number Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The number 9 personal day is a day to cherish the companionship of others.

    This is a day of caring and sharing. You get great joy in sharing your achievements with others. You share with others gladly and without reservation.